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Led by Certified Fitness & Nutrition Specialist and former Physique Athlete and Published - Model

Thiago Harvey
A 6 month one on one customized
training program
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This program will transform your mind and body while providing the accountability tools to always stay on track. With a lifestyle program customized to your specific needs and goals, you’ll create a leaner and more toned physique with guaranteed fat loss, all while building a new, healthy mindset around your diet.

The #1 factor that separates successful individuals from those who have not realized their potential is confidence. Every single person in this world has the raw talent to excel in their passions, but the key to transforming that potential into results starts with how you feel about yourself.

When you feel great

inside and out everything is easier

I created The Confidence Diet because I know first-hand how optimizing your health leads to self-confidence and creating the life you love. As someone who lacked confidence from an early age, I saw the power of getting my body healthy...and my mind followed.

In the 6 months of this program, you will get healthier, fitter, and build the strong mindset you need to push yourself and expand your limits.

What you'll get

Bi-Weekly Calls where will reprogram your relationship with your mind, body, physical fitness, and nutrition

Entry Questionnaire and consultation to determine your starting point, your goals, and your biggest challenges

Daily Flexible Formula to make continuous progress and stay motivated

Assignments and Worksheets to supplement your physical and mental strengthening

Mindset Videos for a deeper dive on specific topics around the way you think about food and your physical body

Exclusive access to a Facebook community for added support from like-minded and motivated community members along with, a place where you can share your journey, inspire others, and hold yourself accountable

Here's the thing

if you’re looking for a quick way to drop some weight, this program is not for you.

The Confidence Diet is about evolving and stepping up to become your best. You will transform your mindset as well as your body to build genuine, sustainable self-confidence. We’ll break down everything from your biggest stressors to your inner happy athlete, building a lifestyle that not only allows you to perform at your peak but makes you truly happy.

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A picture of Thiago at the gym

What you’ll learn:

Together, we will approach your confidence journey from two sides:


Create Your Identity:
manifest who you want to be and how you want to show up in the world mentally, physically, and emotionally

Create Your Goals:
shift your mindset from “what you want to accomplish” to “who you want to be”

Mission Statement:

set an intention that will always bring you back to your goalGratitude: learn to appreciate every moment of your journey, from where you came from to where you want to be. Every step of this process is moving you forward.


Nutritional Guidelines:
learn a simple formula to strengthen your body and mind through the foods you eat. Collaborate and create the gameplan that works best for YOU.

High-Quality Supplements:
incorporate the best supplements to support your physical & mental performance

Exercise Plans & Routines:
no two bodies are the same. Customize a plan that matches your body type, lifestyle, and personal goals. Plus, create a routine that’s actually FUN. Cultivate your happy athlete!

The path to confidence doesn’t have to be complicated or insufferable. With a supportive community, a dedicated coach, and a clear gameplan, you are unstoppable.

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Meet your trainer

Thiago Harvey is a mind and body performance coach and creator of The Confidence Diet, which helps people take their mental and physical health to the next level. As someone who lacked confidence at an early age, Thiago saw the power of getting his body physically fit...and mental health and self-confidence followed. He created The Confidence Diet to provide people with a proven gameplan that not only improves health inside-out but allows you to do it in an enjoyable and sustainable way.

Thiago has 10+ years of experience coaching clients on their nutrition/fitness. He has certifications as an ISSA Certified Specialist in Fitness Nutrition, Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach (PN1), and Vertical Training Institute Level 1 Coach. Thiago was an NPC Nationally Qualified Physique Athlete for many years and also won multiple physique competitions. He owned his own Supplement and Nutrition franchise and chose to close it when his values of transparency and integrity were no longer in line with the direction of the franchisor. That’s when he partnered with an industry leader in health and wellness products company, Modere, and became one of the highest-ranking sales associates in the company. Thiago has spoken to thousands of people about health and wellness, as well as organizational growth & sales. He is a respected husband of 5 years and an active father who found his purpose as a family man and impact-driven entrepreneur.

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