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Work with Thiago to take ownership of YOUR lifestyle while enjoying the freedom and confidence to make your own choices when it comes to your health.

Instead of reworking your life to include another diet, gym membership, or expensive supplement, your game plan is about creating new habits that make your life easier, so that discipline and consistency become automatic and results are guaranteed if you’re coachable and willing to think outside the box and reject what big media wants you to  believe. You don’t need to buy anything, purge anything, or eat more or less of something — you can painlessly just START NOW.

Implementing intermittent fasting is the first and most important step of Thiago Harvey’s Confidence Diet because it is the most simple, affordable, and effective way to optimize your mental and physical fitness. Utilizing simple habits and a flexible lifestyle plan that includes the “Break-FAST” method while reprogramming your unconscious and disempowering beliefs, Thiago helps you naturally incorporate confidence building physical and mental fitness habits along with your unique goals into your current lifestyle.

With intermittent fasting, you’re already doing it when you sleep--now you’re just paying attention to how and when and that you actually do it at the right times for your lifestyle. You won’t spend time stressing over meal plans, counting every calorie, tracking every step, or having to feel shame about indulging in moderation.
This program will provide you with the lifestyle hacks, strategies, and habits that will give the freedom to choose what works or doesn't work for YOU.

Start Feeling Better by Keeping it Simple.

Transform yourself with confidence and create the life you’ve always dreamed of. Keep scrolling to see how Thiago can help.

Optimize your mind, body, and life.

When you focus on your habits and mindset, your improved lifestyle creates the space for higher levels of performance and achievement in every area of your life. I can lead you down a sustainable and enjoyable path toward the kind of life you’ve been seeking — one full of purpose, confidence, and joy.

Take ownership of your health.

Feel more confident in making choices for yourself and your well-being, free of rules and restrictions. Are you coachable? It’ll blow your mind but it’s really this simple: I’ll share proven strategies, you’ll pick what’s right for you, and you’ll see results. In addition to improvements in your physique, you’ll gain confidence and you will feel excited to take on the world in a whole new way.

Learn from my real-world wisdom and mentorship.

Develop the skills, growth-mindset, and mental toughness to keep moving forward no matter what obstacles you face. With this program you’ll build confidence, motivation, and discipline, and I will be there to support and encourage you every step of your journey.

Break-Fast the Best Way With These 5 Simple Recipes

with Thiago Harvey

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Intermittent fasting is a fantastic way to burn extra fat, but how you break your fast will really determine what results you’ll see. Download your free copy of Break-Fast the Best Way to learn exactly what foods you should be eating at the end of your fast, and how to incorporate them seamlessly while easing back into a healthy diet.

Are you going to keep your foot on the gas or flip it in reverse? Make sure you’re ready to perform at your very best with simple recipes that will keep your body working while you get back into your groove!

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Optimize Your Physical and Mental Fitness

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The tools, accountability, and support you need to create a new healthy lifestyle for yourself and be the best human you were born to be.

The Confidence Diet is about leveling up your mindset and consistently showing up for yourself. You will optimize your mental and physical strength and performance to build true self-confidence no matter what life throws at you. We’ll break down your day-to-day habits and subconscious programming to cultivate your highest performer, focusing on a lifestyle approach that not only allows you to perform at your peak but gets you to your goals in an enjoyable way. You don’t have to make tradeoffs, you really can have it all.

The Confidence Diet jump-starts both your mind and body with a disciplined and flexible lifestyle game plan that includes “Break-FAST.” The simplest way to get fast results, take control of your eating habits, and kickstart your fat burning hormones. It is your complete guide to successfully having your hormones work for you and in alignment with your goals so you can be a lean high performing human being for all the hats you wear; spouse, parent, employer/employee, and athlete.

When you feel great — inside and out — everything is easier.

I created The Confidence Diet because I know first-hand how optimizing your health leads to self-confidence and creating the life you love. As someone who lacked confidence from an early age and wanted to pass on a different legacy to my son, I saw the power of getting my body healthy...and my mind followed.

What you’ll get:

Here’s the thing: if you’re looking for a quick way to drop some weight, this program is not for you.

The Confidence Diet is about evolving and stepping up to become your best. You will transform your mindset as well as your body to build genuine, sustainable self-confidence. We’ll break down everything from your biggest stressors to your inner happy athlete, building a lifestyle that not only allows you to perform at your peak but makes you truly happy.



+ Coaching Calls, Accountability, and Strategy Sessions to ensure success
+ Flexible Nutrition and Custom Fitness Game Plan
+ Mindset and Motivation Action Plan
+ A New Perspective for Your Relationship with Food and Your Body
+ Daily Practices and Assignments to Strengthen your Skills
+ A Fun and Interactive Community for Support

My coaching process works on both the mind and body. We’ll focus on:


Creating Your Identity-Based Goals

Defining and Evolving Who You Want to Be

Transforming the Way You Speak to Yourself and About the World Around You

Specific Daily Practices that Reinforce Your New Mental Awareness and Skill Set


Simple Nutritional Strategies Custom Fit for You

A Physical Fitness Game Plan that Builds Strength, Endurance, and Discipline

Periodic Measurable Check Ins for Fine Tuning and Making Changes As You Evolve

World Class Supplementation for Your Next Level of Performance


Thiago Harvey is an Entrepreneur, Speaker, Mental & Physical Fitness Coach, Certified in Nutrition and Fitness, and Creator of The Confidence Diet. With over 10 years of experience and serving thousands of clients, Thiago is driven to make life simpler for busy parents. After losing his father to obesity and type 2 diabetes, Thiago experienced firsthand what it's like to lose a loved one due to poor health way too soon.

Wanting to help others look and feel their best, he became a Franchise Owner of a supplement business in Highlands Ranch, Colorado. After working for five years in the brick and mortar retail business, he learned the hard way that just wasn't the best vehicle for him to inspire change and make a difference. After spending $150,000 to start that business and racking up tens of thousands of dollars in overhead, he closed the store looking for a better way. That's when Thiago and his beautiful bride, Crystal Rose, met a friend named Michelle Barnes who introduced them to Social Retail.

Five years later, Thiago has become one of the most influential leaders on one of the fastest-growing teams in all of network marketing. Becoming a 6 figure earner hasn't been easy for him but he's a rising star in the profession and someone who truly knows the value of what it means to be an entrepreneur and a present husband and father.
Unfortunately, he couldn't save his father, but now he's able to show busy parents that they can really have it all: time freedom, financial security, and giving them the tools to live a bigger life on their terms.

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