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Thiago Harvey is a nutritional coach and creator of The Confidence Diet, which helps people optimize their mental and physical performance through simple and enjoyable lifestyle strategies. Empower yourself with a proven structure, tools, and skillset to bring joy back into your relationship with food and your body without having to give up the stuff you love.

As someone who lacked confidence at an early age, Thiago saw the powerful impact that getting in great physical shape had on both his mental health and self-confidence. He saw how improving his health from the inside-out by focusing on his subconscious thought patterns and what he said directly affected his business, relationships, and every aspect of his life for the better, and now he’s set out to help others take control of their mental and physical bodies in order to achieve the best results. 

Thiago has 10+ years of experience coaching clients on their nutrition/fitness/mental game. He has certifications as an ISSA Certified Specialist in Fitness Nutrition, Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach (PN1), and Vertical Training Institute Level 1 Coach. Thiago was an NPC Nationally Qualified Physique Athlete for many years and also won multiple physique competitions. He owned his own Supplement and Nutrition franchise and chose to close it when his values of transparency and integrity were no longer in alignment with the direction of the franchisor. That’s when he partnered with an industry leader in health and wellness products company, Modere, and became one of the highest-ranking sales associates in the company. Thiago has spoken to thousands of people about health and wellness, as well as organizational growth & sales. He is a respected husband of 5 years and an active father who found his purpose as a family man and impact-driven entrepreneur.

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Don’t Escape Your Life.

Transform yourself with confidence and create the life you’ve always dreamed of. The following will help you understand a little more about how I can help you reclaim your life.

Optimize your mind, body, and life.

When you focus on lifestyle, your best mental and physical fitness functions out of habit. I can get you on a sustainable and enjoyable path toward the kind of life you’ve been seeking--one full of purpose, confidence, and joy. 

Take ownership of your health.

Be able to make confident choices for yourself and your well-being. It’s really this simple: I’ll share my strategies, you test and pick what fits for you, you get results, you gain confidence, and start taking on the world in a whole new way. 

Learn from my real-world wisdom and mentorship.

I’ve been stuck, insecure, and purposeless. And I‘ve been fortunate to learn how to overcome those challenges to be in the top percentages of the most physically fit and create a life I’m excited and motivated to live for every day.  I am human and far from perfect but I’m able to keep moving forward because I’m confident in my skills and growth mindset to figure it out.  You will face new challenges, but with my simple gameplan, I will show you how to stay motivated, improve your confidence and discipline, and I will be there to support and encourage you every step along your journey.

Break-Fast the Best Way With These 5 Simple Recipes

with Thiago Harvey

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Intermittent fasting is a fantastic way to burn extra fat, but how you break your fast will really determine what results you’ll see. Download your free copy of Break-Fast the Best Way to learn exactly what foods you should be eating at the end of your fast, and how to incorporate them seamlessly while easing back into a healthy diet.

Are you going to keep your foot on the gas or flip it in reverse? Make sure you’re ready to perform at your very best with simple recipes that will keep your body working while you get back into your groove!

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Let's Do The Work Together

The path to feeling your best doesn’t have to be complicated or insufferable. With a supportive community, a dedicated coach, and a simple game plan, you are unstoppable.

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The Confidence Diet is about leveling up your mindset and consistently showing up for yourself. You will optimize your mental and physical strength and performance to build true self-confidence no matter what life brings at you. We’ll break down your day to day habits and subconscious programming to cultivate your highest performer, focusing on a lifestyle approach that not only allows you to perform at your peak but gets you to your goals in an enjoyable way.  You don’t have to make tradeoffs, you really can have it all.
The Confidence Diet jump-starts both your mind and body with a disciplined and flexible lifestyle game plan that includes “Break-FAST.” The simplest way to get short term results and recalibrate your fat burning hormones. It is your complete guide to successfully having your hormones work for you so you can be a lean high performing human being for all the hats you wear; spouse and/or parent, employer/employee, and athlete.


+ Coaching Calls, Accountability, and Strategy Sessions to ensure success
+ Flexible Nutrition and Custom Fitness Game Plan
+ Mindset and Motivation Action Plan
+ A New Perspective for Your Relationship with Food and Your Body
+ Daily Practices and Assignments to Strengthen your Skills
+ A Fun and Interactive Community for Support

My coaching process works on both the mind and body. We’ll focus on:


Creating Your Identity-Based Goals

Defining and Evolving Who You Want to Be

Transforming the Way You Speak to Yourself and About the World Around You

Specific Daily Practices that Reinforce Your New Mental Awareness and Skill Set


Simple Nutritional Strategies Custom Fit for You

A Physical Fitness Game Plan that Builds Strength, Endurance, and Discipline

Periodic Measurable Check Ins for Fine Tuning and Making Changes As You Evolve

World Class Supplementation for Your Next Level of Performance
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